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On his way from an errand, he finds an unconscious yokai, Tenshi. He has a strange, yet strong aversion to being touched, despite a job requiring constant physical contact from others. Younger guys were never his type but the hot sex he had with that man made that night unforgettable. Tsugunai no Kanata Volume 2: A few days later Matsuno finds Rin looking for another client, and on the spur of the moment, goes up to him and tells him "I'm not gay so I won't have with you but I can offer you a bed and food". One night, like any other usual one, Keisuke crashes at Atsushi's place after gaming away, only to wake up to Atsushi calling out his name while masturbating. I Can't Take Dreamer Guys!

Bousou Kareshi vol.1 chapter 8

The Ejaculation by SAKIRA [Eng]

Sakira already has views. Nekota, Yonezou 3 vols. He seems to have a split personality. A huge Princess and ultra popular handsome Prince?! Tsugunai no Kanata Volume 2: At the school reunion after 8 years, Izaki finds himself drinking like old friends with his self proclaimed rival. Time pasts and his sister disappears, trying to go after the guy who decided to leave.

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You just finished reading Bousou Kareshi vol. Ashita mo Toshoshitsu de Tomorrow Again in the Library Kigawa spends his time studying in the library to see the senpai that he likes. Tomo-chan suspects Rio is gay, and after stating that he's going to "cure it," they embark on a sexual "Homo Fixing Training Regimen"! But when Ryou discovers a secret,his brother's life is on the line, and instead of being Akihito's friend, Ryou is now his slave. Atsushi's a nice guy, maybe too nice and generous. And there to support him is his childhood butler, Miyauchi.
From Attractive Fascinante Serialization: Shinkai decided to punish Yumeji again. Can these two bosses work out their differences and have more than a working relationship? As part of the student news paper it's Yuuto's job to get all the dirty details or else spend the rest of his life as a virgin! Riya Narukawa is a high school freshman with a tremendous talent for the violin, and an equally large bag of mental issues. She is the shop's assistant, a doll with her own mind and personality. But outside of work Ikuta's personality is strikingly different.

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bushara +4 Points February 24, 2018

best vid ever!

Sanders2316 +4 Points October 1, 2018

smoking hottie .. didn't show the $$

check25 +0 Points December 2, 2018

Why is that man's figure nails painted blue? Lol. Must be a fetish. Can't judge. Maybe they went to get pedicures before shooting the porno.

rajeevrx +5 Points September 17, 2018

Raquel is sexy as fuck

ernene90 +4 Points December 9, 2018

Wowwwww sooooo brutal

kammy +0 Points November 8, 2018

Gorgeous women with beautiful hairy pussies and Awesome Action. Thumbs up for this hot vid that I'm viewing again from my favorites; love the mmf scenes! Thanks again for sharing!

j9nike +2 Points October 20, 2018

Incredibly hot, love it!!

fars111 +2 Points August 11, 2019

She has too many clothes on. It is so bad that she stopped before she even finished.

kamusa +2 Points May 15, 2018

Such a great whore

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