Modified lick suppression paradigm

Changes in transmission in the pathway of heteronymous spinal recurrent inhibition from soleus to quadriceps motor neurons during movement in man: Effect of relative stimulus validity: Journal of Experimental Psychology Vol 44 5 Nov , Changes in whisker shape, caused by contact between whisker and object, report the mechanical inputs to the somatosensory system. Experimental time-course for one example mouse, from the beginning of water restriction to the end of electrophysiological recordings. Catecholaminergic drug and conditioned emotional response in the white rat:


Modified lick suppression paradigm

For experiments requiring maximal mechanical stability, we typically use an extended head bar, with a plate that is fitted in three dimensions to the shape of the dorsal mouse skull Figure 1A. As the performance of the mouse increased during or across sessions, the no-lick position was progressively moved toward the lick position, within easy reach of a vigorous whisk of the C2 whisker, making this an object location discrimination task. The microcircuit organization of the brain, as far as it is known, is similar in mice and other higher mammals. Physiological Psychology Vol 4 4 Dec , Animal Behavior Processes Vol 21 2 Apr ,

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Effects of shocks, presented at a fixed time of day, on appetitive and general activity of rats: Normal conditioning inhibition and extinction of freezing and fear-potentiated startle following electrolytic lesions of medial prefrontal cortex in rats: Conditioned suppression tests of the context-blocking hypothesis: Subsequent demonstrations of blocking employed similar control procedures. All mice undergoing water restriction were monitored daily for hydration, weight, ruffled fur, and movement Figure 2. Either scenario can account for the new learning and possible unblocking of B when combined with A to form a compound CS. Single-element assessment of conditioned inhibition:
Contents 1 Other demonstrations of Kamin blocking 1. Block-diagram showing the possible events in a single trial. In the third and fourth control groups, Stage-1 consisted of inhibitory conditioning to the compound LT negatively correlated with foot shocks followed in Stage-2 by either further inhibitory conditioning to L or unsignaled shocks. The relatively low rate of CRs to L- reflects overshadowing, a phenomenon thought to be related to blocking. Learning and Motivation Vol 29 3 Aug ,

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